Winter hiking to Baranec

The third highest peak in the Western Tatras is Baranec (2,186 m above sea level). Although not located on the main ridge of this beautiful mountain range, its outstanding position and accessibility attract tourists throughout the year. In nice weather, there is a charming view of the entire Liptov Basin from the top, lined on the south side by the mighty ridge of the Low Tatras. The High Tatras dominate the eastern side with the unmissable Kriváň and the western side by the Choč hills, which the Great Choč rules. In the north, several peaks - Smrek, Plačlivô, Ostrý Roháč, Volovec, Tri kopy, Hrubá Kopa, Baníkov or Pachoľa.

If you go to Baranec in winter, don't forget to pack your gaiters, crampons or at least anti-slip snow and ice grippers. Especially after a heavy snowfall, alpine skis and snowshoes will definitely help you. The shortest ascent route to this hill leads from the car park at the mouth of the Žiarska valley along the yellow marked trail. If you feel in shape, you can first take on the gentle climb to the Žiarska cottage, strengthen yourself there, and continue to Žiarske saddle and from there through Smrek to Baranec. You will certainly not regret this route.